Want Local Honey & Bee Products?

Gary Breisch has this season’s raw honey and it is the best ever for this area. You can pick it up at my place in Sand Springs, OK -   Email or text me when you want some for details.

Where to find me the most.

The best way to find me is on Facebook as Gary W. Breisch
I check it often and you can Private Message me there too.  I have many groups I created on this and other bee related subjects and you can check my TimeLine Page for More and Groups in the drop down menu to see them and many more groups that I mostly created but also joined a few too.

Fresh Local Bee Pollen

Available on a limited basis and mostly from first of May to end of June but plan to have more from End of March to first of October in future as I add more hives.

Local Bee Pollen Testimonials