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posted Sep 11, 2014, 8:07 AM by Gary Breisch   [ updated Sep 12, 2014, 1:51 AM by Robert Breisch ]
I am working on my new website called "Gary Breisch | What does your garden grow?" and understanding the other site which somehow feeds off of that google site called "" somehow.  Also look at theis fromat - cannot seem to understand how to change it to make it easy to read.  So much to learn or figure out..........

I  have tried and tried to figure out how to put the "Contact" menu button at the top of this site and have failed to find a way to do it so I have set the Contact page that does exist as the default page to come up when someone goes to the site here.  Not sure how the site works or why it comes up when I type out its link as in facebook and get an ugly picture of me with text that needs to be changed to elimante the Land Surveyor name in it when this site says Retired Land Surveyor which I can live with even though I an not sure that is important with the new direction I am going in life and leaving the Surveyor in my past and putting solar, organic gardening, beekeeping, and the Local Bee Product Outlet and Local Beekeeper Outlet as some of the many "Sustainable Living" bucket list items as priority.  Also I have Electric Vehicle or Electric Vehicle Conversions on myh bucket list too.   

I have been able to edit a "Contact" page to show another version of a map image with text in it to show how to find the farm gardens, house, and my solar displays here at the gbreisch physical site.  I have a lot to learn about this website system and will have to continue to experiment as time allows.  I still need to figure out how to get the RSS feed from my timeline to get into this site and the groups too from Facebook, my main social and promotional media.  Hope to see Google+ more user friendly but many of the Google products are much more applicable for what I want but sometimes not so user friendly.  

I might add this when comparing the two media giants.  I want Facebook to have a sort of unread messages like Google has in their systems.  I have to go way down the page of notices to find the different shade of blue which is another thing, color and shading, that needs to be upgraded for better find of unread notices and messages in a long stream or string of them to scan to find that messge I have not read. So many improvements are needed and perhaps I am just to farsighted into the future to wait.  I want the improvements NOW.  Both Google and Facebook need to make it easier for me to get those improvements NOW and open up a direct contact with me and others who can help them improve their apps and programs.  They are the tops, but can use much improvement.