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Address:  3001 South 137th West Ave - Sand Springs, OK, 74063-5022 USA  

Location:  Find me mostly near Lat,Lon of 36.12068,- 96.14577 in decimal degrees


Even though I send some mail at my desktop from - all email ends up at and runs through the gmail email servers due to best service and database to eliminate spam.


918-261-4279 – Google Voice System (you can text, call, or leave messages it acts like a cell phone). It has limitations like not being able to use short text code or send or get pictures, but it works better in all other areas. I have several other numbers both on Google Voice and with Solavei and U.S.Cellular at the time of this update, which may change as better services are found or improved.

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Solavei Sign Up or Visit to get your Questions Answered page URL:

See if you can use your existing phone there and more.  Go ahead and sign in and start the sign up process.  You will not officially be signed up for service till you pay them by giving them a credit card to charge or bank account to automatically charge so do not worry.  Even if you just want to try it for a month free and back out, you can.  Solavei is great on customer satisfaction and service. Tell your friends and search on it to verify that for yourself.