Solar Grid Tie and off Grid Systems:

Solar Related Interests

In 2012 I developed, tested, and used a PlugInPlay Solar Panel Power Grid Tie System and can help you build or buy what you need to GO SOLAR and GO GREEN with a small system to pay itself off in a relatively short time and allow you to add more units as time and budget allows. Currently developing other related resources, call for references to local and world wide contacts for those resources. See Facebook for groups related to this and other hobbies. John Miggins has been a great help in the Tulsa Area. Call, text, or email me about this subject.

Local Honey – call or come by for more on this.

This is Old Stuff but you may find it useful if you are looking for a Surveyor, Land Attorney, or related information

Land Surveyors United – best version of Land Surveyor’s Coop

One of the best resources for Land Surveyors is Land Surveyors United (LSU) – I highly recommend this resource. Tell Justin Farrow at LSU that Gary W. Breisch sent you and join for free.

Land Law Attorney:

I also recommend for the client and Land Surveyors a great land law attorney, Gray Strickland out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Contact him or learn more by visiting his websiteThe Strickland Law Firm, P.C. Tell him Gary W. Breisch sent you for a good reason.